Crazy Bonnie Pink edition DSLR shows your love for cute J-Pop

Bonnie Pink may not be a household name in the US, but the Japanese pop star has a wild and funky style that's kind of like the US singer who also goes by Pink, but without the Bonnie part. Now Pentax has a really wild looking DSLR that follows Bonnie Pink's fashion sense.

This isn't the first time Pentax has made a crazy version of their K-r DSLR, but this one seems even more baffling. Wouldn't Bonnie Pink's fans be more likely to want a sleek point-and-shoot that fits in their ultra-tight jeans than an $1,100 DSLR?

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this recent flurry of celebrity model tech gear. Here in the US we already have purple Justin Bieber headphones, so imagine if every young teen girl suddenly wanted a fancy purple DSLR to go with them?

The Pentax K-r Bonnie Pink Edition is a limited run of 100 units, so don't dawdle if you want to show your loyalty.

Via CrunchGear

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