Could the iPad 3 be coming this fall?

Sure, the iPad 2 hasn't even been made official yet, but already rumors are circulating about an iPad 3 that would come out as early as this fall.

Here's how the story goes: in the coming weeks, Apple will unveil the iPad 2, which will be a relatively modest update to the original iPad. It'll get a front-facing camera, a faster processor, more RAM and support for both AT&T and Verizon's networks. What it won't get is a fancy new retina display. So think of it more like the iPad 1.5.

Then, this fall/holiday season, Apple will unveil a much bigger upgrade to the iPad, one with the higher-resolution display. This will allow Apple to adjust the yearly upgrade window for the iPad to be right in the middle of the holiday shopping season, with its obvious benefits.

What do you think? Make sense, or just crazy talk? I guess time will tell.

(Update: Now that the news day is winding down — here in the east, anyway — the iPad 3 rumor is looking less likely. Surprise! PC Mag's Leslie Horn has a great piece on why. Check it out. -Ed.)

Via TechCrunch

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