Congrats Detroit! A giant RoboCop will soon protect you!

Philadelphia already has a Rocky statue, so why can't Detroit get a cool movie action hero of its own? Thanks to the $50,000 raised by a KickStarter fund raiser, the Motor City will be getting its very own RoboCop statue, even if its mayor doesn't like it.

The whole RoboCop statue project started when Detroit's Mayor Dave Bing made headlines last week after shooting down a suggestion to erect a RoboCop statue to improve the city's image. While the original Tweet suggestion was considered a joke by its sender, the Internet went crazy and decided to raise the necessary funds through KickStarter.

Six days later, with over 1,500 donations and more than $50,000 raised, it looks like Detroit will indeed be getting a RoboCop statue. The organizers for the RoboCop project are currently working with the Mayor's Office to find a suitable location to build the fictional defender of justice.

Donations to the RoboCop statue fund will continue until March 29 to ensure that the statue is "as big and good as possible."

As much as we love RoboCop and his finely shaped lips, we have to wonder, would you plan a visit to Detroit just to see a gigantic statue of RoboCop?

Detroit Free Press, via Nerd Approved

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