Colorful Spacephone has an 'SOS' button for emergencies

In light of all the banter about the Verizon iPhone 4, people are realizing that the phone element of the device is still vital despite our knack for texting and sending out tweets. Just5 specializes in cellphones that cut the smartphone mumbo jumbo and place focus back on voice calls with the Spacephone.

The Spacephone is not a rehashed cellphone with new packaging. It's a re-simplification of the cellphone with age in mind. Everything from its colorful design (default orange power cord easily distinguishes itself from the black cord crowd) to its large labeled buttons cater to seniors citizens, people with impaired vision and hearing and to children.

A prominent "SOS" button located on the rear of the Spacephone quickly lets the user call a pre-programmed emergency contact. There's no need to fuss over hierarchical drop-down menus, key in screen unlock combinations or anything complicated. If you get hit by a bus, it could essentially become an instant mom or dad button.

In a sea of iPhones, Androids, Nokias and whatnot, the Spacephone looks cheeky and whimsical enough that it doesn't look tacky. If adults can run around with Hello Kitty backpacks and generate a few laughs and smiles, why can't a cellphone do the same?

just5, via Design Boom

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