Chinese magician uses 'magic' to order his goldfish into formation

Chinese magician, Fu Yandong is under fire from animal right activists for seemingly having the power to "control" his goldfish with his so called "magic powers." In his Chinese New Year performance, broadcast on China Central Television, Fu Yandong is able to direct goldfish to swim in perfect formation. Is it real magic or just devil trickery?

As the video shows, Fu Yandong seems to be "talking" to his goldfish. It looks like magic, only we know there's no such thing and that it has to be something else. There's always a science behind "magic."

Most animal activists are chalking Fu Yandong's "magic" to simple magnetism, suggesting that he may have implanted magnets into the fish and is using them to drag the fish around. If Fu Yandong is using magnets, it will likely be considered animal cruelty.

Other suggestions imply that infrared lights (that can be clearly seen in the video) were used to manipulate the goldfish in some manner. Fu Yandong is refusing to unveil his trick and wrote on his microblog that his fish were living happily.

If there's one thing we've learned about China throughout the years, it's that anything goes — like that giant knock-off Gundam. Final question: how do you think this Chinese magician did the trick?

AFP, via BoingBoing

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