Cheap FX Lightsabers will make everyone a Jedi or Sith this Halloween

It's never too early to start planning for Halloween. Hasbro's Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsabers are nearly exactly like their Force FX Lightsaber big brothers except one thing: they're affordable.

For $35, Hasbro's plastic Ultimate FX Lightsabers are the most authentic Star Wars weapons for under $100 (some Force FX Lightsabers cost upwards of $200+). The Lightsabers feature a vibrant LED light up blade in Anakin blue or Darth Vader red and realistic whirring sounds. When two Lightsabers make contact, clashing noises emit just like in the movies!

We wielded a few of these babies around and instantly felt like like running around like Luke Skywalker. If these existed when we were kids, we'd have battled it all the way to Endor. If there's one way to introduce your little ones to the world of Star Wars, the Ultimate FX Lightsaber will be the thing to do it.

Halloween comes early this year, as the Ultimate FX Lightsabers go on sale on August 1. While Hasbro is targeting the Lightsabers at kids, I'm totally going to get one, are you?

Via Hasbro

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