Car drifting at high speeds on a frozen lake looks insanely fun

Gotta give this pair of Japanese comedians some major props for having the courage to take a ride in a car — drifting at breakneck speeds — on a frozen lake in Hokkaido. Actually, that sounds quite exhilarating!

Out of all the strange things that come out of Japan, I think car drifting on ice while blasting snow several feet into the air is probably the most extreme stunt that I actually want to try, after skydiving.

Watch as these comedians get all bug-eyed when the car hits speeds of 93 miles per hour. To find out what happens at 111 miles per hour, click the play button. I never really understood Japanese humor, but then again, I wouldn't think of drifting on a frozen Hokkaido lake.

Thumbs up Mr. Japanese dudes, two thumbs up.

Via Japan Probe

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