Biodegradable shoes become flowers and trees

It used to be that the only thing to do with an old pair of shoes was to tie the laces together and chuck them up over a telephone line. Now, a better answer has come along: just bury them in your backyard, and they'll magically grow into something beautiful.

OAT sneakers are made entirely of biodegradable materials, but integrated into those materials somehow are an assortment of dormant seeds. When you're done with the shoes, just douse them in water and bury them somewhere, and in a little bit, they'll sprout flowers. No word on whether this will happen spontaneously if you just walk around in mud a lot.

While pretty flowers are all well and good, my personal preference would be for for the shoes to turn into something a little, you know, tastier. Like, I dunno, a miniature fruit salad tree or something. Don't laugh, they actually exist.

OAT Shoes showed off their wares last month at Amsterdam's International Fashion Week, taking home second place at the Green Fashion Awards:


OAT shoes will go on sale this spring in Europe, and they'll be available online as well. Mostly naked wheelbarrow-pushing hunky pseudo-gardener sold separately.

OAT Shoes, via Core77

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