Bendy batteries bring us one step closer to flexible gadgets

It used to be that the idea of, say, a flexible, morphing phone was just something explored by concept designers. The technology for bendy gadgetry is steadily falling into place, however, and here's another puzzle piece figured out thanks to South Korea: the batteries.

A team of scientists, led by one Kisuk Kang of South Korea's Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, have found a graphene paper-based hybrid battery as a promising contender to the twisty-battery throne. According to Kang, this flexible battery is just as good and possibly better than the rigid power sources we use today:

The electrode exhibits significantly improved electrochemical performance in almost all aspects of electrochemical properties, such as higher energy density, power density and better cycle life, compared with non-flexible conventional electrodes.

Right now, the battery is more or less a prototype, but it has promise both big and small. Besides bringing us one step closer to flexible gadgets and the like, batteries based on this bendy design could bring about smaller improvements, such as to solar-powered devices and even LEDs.


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