Australian airline offers in-flight iPad rentals for $10

Are you worried that your flight might be showing Yogi Bear as the inflight movie? Perhaps next time you should try Australia's Jetstar Airways, which will soon be offering iPad rentals on all flights.

The iPads come fully loaded with a selection movies, books, magazines, music, and games, with the tablets replacing the existing built in entertainment systems.

When the service starts in April the rentals will run $10 for the flight, but it's not clear if that price includes Internet access. At least an iPad doesn't have a phone, so you won't be on a flight where everyone around you is yakking all flight long.

A Jetstar spokesman said that the iPads save weight and space compared to the built in system. I just hope that when the flight ends, nobody tries to pull a switcharoo with one of those fake iPads.

Australian Business Traveler, via TUAW

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