Art Lebedev's disposable flash drives are made from cardboard

Cheap plastic flash drives not good enough for you? The Art Lebedev Studio wants flash drives to be so disposable, it's gone and conceptualized a set of high-capacity flash drives that are made to be used once.

The Art Lebedev Studio is usually known for its groovy futuristic products, but the Flashkus is different. Working with the idea that the most expensive part of a flash drive is the actual NAND storage, the studio designed a set of flash drives that are highly disposable thanks to their cardboard construction.

As tech blog Technabob notes, it makes little sense for people to use a 16GB flash drive once before tossing it out. Most people don't even have 4GB flash drives, let alone 16GB. Good thing the Flashkus is just a concept. It seems like a lot of wasted NAND storage if you threw it out after stashing away your secret files.

Art Lebedev, via Technbabob

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