Are you a Catholic sinner? There's an app for that

We've seen all kind of weird iPhone apps, but few seem quite as incongruous as this Catholic Church endorsed app that lets you confess your sins to your iPhone.

Confession from Little i Apps isn't designed to replace the traditional type of confession to a Priest, but more to be used as an aid when going into the confessional. It sets up a personalized profile based on you age, occupation, and an "examination of your conscience", then delivers custom tailored advice. Thankfully, the profile is password protected to prevent unauthorized snooping.

As a non-Catholic this all sounds kind of kind of creepy to me, but I guess observant Catholics are used to spilling their guts. At least with this you can do it to an inanimate object, instead of some guy you'll be seeing every Sunday.

Confession for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is available for $1.99 in the iTunes store.

Confession, via International Business News

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