Apple's cheezy 1984 promo; Oh how far they've come

These days Apple's presentations tend to run like a slick well-oiled machine, but that wasn't always the case. This disco-tastic film made for the 1984 dealer's meeting, shows that even trend-setting Apple succumbed to the cringe worthy tastes of that era.

Set to a catchy tune that sounds litigiously close to Irene Cara's hit Flashdance... What a Feeling, the film gives lots of screen time to some of Apple's biggest flops like the Apple III, and my favorite, the guy @ 2:48 lugging a 60 pound Lisa into his office like it was a laptop. Hey, Apple didn't have a real laptop until 1989, so I guess this is what an on-the-go Apple fanboy had to do in the mid '80s.

Just hope next week's iPad 2 launch looks a little better.

CrunchGear, via TUAW

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