All dumphones could get Facebook crammed inside of a SIM card

Still rocking a Motorola RAZR or a Nokia 3210 dumphone? Wish you could get Facebook access on your non-smartphone? You can, because Facebook will soon be built-in to standard GSM SIM cards.

Digital security firm Gemalto is crazy. It wants every dumphone to have access to Facebook — for it to become the defacto social network on GSM phones. And it plans on getting the ball rolling by shoving simplified mobile versions of Facebook right into a SIM card — the brain of all GSM phones. Called "Facebook for SIM," access to Mark Zuckerberg's sea of friends will not require an Internet connection. Instead, all Facebook functions will be "carried over class 2 text messages."

Sounds a lot like Facebook is becoming a part of all the "universal access" chatter — it's entire entity touching every corner of the Earth. What's next? Facebook will become a network provider and we will all place calls through Facebook?

With a bunch of Facebook-focused smartphones coming out within the year, we're not taken away by the news of a SIM card with Facebook pre-loaded onto it. Heck, if people on rice fields who can't afford the mobile Internet want to poke someone or spy on their exes, they should have ability to do so. Gemalto is just helping to speed up the process of Facebook's world domination plans.

All Facebook, via Redmond Pie

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