All cellphones should charge up in 30 seconds like the Flexiphone

British designer Philip Pearce's Flexiphone concept is a doozy. While the concept phone is anything but elegant, the idea that its battery can charge itself up in 30 seconds would be remarkable — not to mention a real life saver in many realistic situations.

In order to achieve the extremely (we wish we could write this word four times) quick charge up, the Flexiphone would theoretically use an "organic battery created by NEC that allows high-speed charging." If batteries can ever match this speed in the next ten years, there would be nothing left to complain about.

As a concept, Pearce has every right to go over the top with his design. Aside from having such a sweet battery, the Flexiphone has an indestructible graphene touchscreen, waterproof body and a speaker and keyboard attachment that appears to be able to slide off the phone's rear.

Immediately, I see an Internet Explorer, Gmail and an iPod icon. Pearce might want to invest in a more original icon suite next time, as it's hard to tell whether the Flexiphone concept would run Windows Phone 7, Android or iOS. Maybe that's the point and the Flexiphone runs all three mobile OSes simultaneously. Wouldn't that be grand?

Coroflot - Philip Pearce, via Design Buzz

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