Airlines drum up in-flight Wi-Fi service with free Facebook access

Fly often? Play FarmVille at 30,000 feet much? As of today, seven major airlines will offer free Facebook access via their in-flight Wi-Fi, for a limited time.

As part of a promotion with Gogo Inflight Internet, Virgin America, United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, AirTran, US Airways and Alaska Airlines (boo, no JetBlue) will let you log on to the world's most popular social network for a quick round of poking, a little bit of Mafia Wars and maybe a ton of photo-tagging.

Facebook's URL will be the only free website you'll get in the monthlong promotion. If you go wandering off to MySpace for some reason or any other website you'll get slapped with a $5 to $12 service charge. Fine by me, most people who are cramped up in Coach on a plane don't need anything more than Facebook anyway.

Gogo Inflight is hoping that its parternship with the seven airways will promote more flyers to use in-flight Wi-Fi. My two cents? I don't want to use Wi-Fi. I want better snacks, more leg room and nicer cabin crew.

Via USA Today

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