Add some creepiness to your home with a meat-eating clock

Looking to really creep out guests to your home? Decorate your living room with a clock that's powered by dead flies. Yep, we're talking about carnivorous furniture here.

The carnivorous clock can run for about 12 days on a mere eight dead flies. Here's how it works, as explained by one of its creators:

What we have here is a belt. The white thing is a belt that's covered in honey. So it operates just like standard flypaper. Flies would be attracted to that honey. They'd land on the belt, get stuck, as you can see it is moving down very, very slowly, and right underneath here there's a blade and the blade scrapes off any insects that have become stuck to the honey. They fall into the microbial fuel cell underneath. And this is the device that turns that organic matter into electrical energy.
Not too bad! Sure, it's much easier to buy some AA batteries than to go gather up a half dozen fly carcasses, but think of how much better dead flies are for the environment! You like the environment, don't you?


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