Xbox 360 toaster mod doesn't make toast, might deter thieves

Some people read comics or play ball when they get bored. What does a modder by the name of "akatheguy2" do? He splices an Xbox 360 with a toaster — and makes it actually look good.

There are plenty of Xbox 360 mods out there, but none are as WTF as the XToaster360. We haven't a clue where the inspiration for combining a toaster and an Xbox 360 came from — perhaps the modder was sitting in the kitchen and wanted to play some Call of Duty: Black Ops really badly? Regardless, we love its cloaked nature and glowing blue LED lights, where the bread would normally go.

For the modder, we just hope he used a new Xbox 360 slim or else he might get some Red Ring of Death action. If not, at least he'll know that if a thief ever raided his house, the 360 won't be the first to be tossed into the pilfering bag.

Xbox 360-Hacks, via Technabob

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