Would you like to ride Formula One race cars on a yacht? I would!

Let me get this straight. There is a yacht, and it moves on water. On top of the yacht is a race track, that you drive land vehicles on. Any questions?

I've seen some crazy yachts, but never one like this. Designed to look like a section of the The Principality of Monaco, the 508-feet, "Streets of Monaco" superyacht has its own mini Formula One race track.

Why would you want a race track on a sea vehicle? Because someone rich enough could probably afford to build one. If you're Bruce Wayne or some other billionaire, you'll be happy to know that the superyacht can pamper you and 15 guests with its 70 crew members. Who needs Alfred when you can have servants galore do your bidding?

In addition to the Formula One race track, the yacht has four main deck spaces, featuring a swimming pool, casino, a waterfall and a grand atrium with seven guest suites.

I'd love to take a small vacation on this yacht to drive a few Ferarris or some other exotic sports car, but alas, The Streets of Monaco is another concept that's only been realized on paper and in 3D renders.

Super Yacht Design, via Bornrich

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