World's smartest toothpaste changes taste to forecast the weather

Do you ever feel like your toothpaste is just not pulling its weight in your morning routine? Yeah, I don't have that problem either, but the braniacs at MIT have seen fit to equip a tube of toothpaste with the ability to alter its taste with the weather.

You might remember MIT's wallet that gets fatter and thinner in proportion to your checking account. That, and this toothpaste, are both part of a project aimed at taking simple objects and giving them dynamic properties that can intuitively communicate simple and relevant information.

The toothpaste is called "Tastes Like Rain." A little computer in the dispenser checks the Internet for the day's weather, and mixes together several different flavors of toothpaste accordingly. If it's going to be warmer than yesterday, you get a higher proportion of cinnamon toothpaste, and if it's going to be cooler, you get more mint. A blue stripe means it's going to rain, and I have no idea what happens if you're in for a tornado.

It may seem a tad silly, but we're living in a world of information overload, and by embedding data in toothpaste, you're getting info that you need to know every morning without having to turn on the TV or pull up a webpage. 'Course, you could always just look out the window, but that's not going to make your teeth any cleaner now, is it?

MIT Media Lab, via CNET

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