World's fastest solar car uses as much power as a toaster

Solar power, as cool as it is, still won't give you the same kind of charge you need to run something like an automobile continuously without tacking on an enormous number of panels. The solution? Redesign said car until it's almost only the panels, and make it run on a ridiculously low amount of energy.

The "IVy," the fourth solar car built by the Sunswift team from the University of New South Wales in Australia, managed to take the crown of the world's fastest solar car after it topped out at just under 55 miles per hour. While a speed like that would get you honked and cursed at on highways across America, the Sunswift IVy uses considerably less power than, well, a lot of your household gadgets. At 1200 watts, the car's asking for around the same amount of energy you use when you run your microwave or toaster or hair dryer.

Even if it wasn't the world's fastest solar car, we'd still love the Sunswift IVy for it's looks. How do you even fit in that thing?

Via Inhabitat

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