Windoro is like a Roomba, for windows instead of floors

Ever seen a window cleaner trying to clean windows up on the 50th floor of some metropolitan skyscraper? My legs would snap off if I was the one wiping glass that high. Have no fear, the Roomba of windows is here: the Windoro.

Lazy as we are, someone invented a robot that automatically wipes glass with the press of a button. Using special microfiber pads and detergent attached to one side of the Windoro, the bot slides back and forth in a zigzag formation, gently cleaning windows.

The Windoro charges up in two to three hours and will work for up to an hour and a half on a full charge. So if you're a window cleaner and you're thinking about cheating your boss to go on an extended lunch break, you better get more than one of these cleaning bots.

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