Wildlife Taser; because bears can't say "don't taze me bro"

We've seen how a Taser can stop a human in their tracks, but now the Taser people have a new a version of the shock inducing device for stopping wildlife attacks.

The Taser Wildlife Electronic Control Device has more power to cope with bigger animals, and Taser claims it can stop everything from bears to moose and elk.

I see a couple of potential problems with this. Animals aren't like humans, and when they threaten people it's usually in response to some kind of provocation. But more importantly, having a device like this will probably cause humans to take greater risks approaching wild animals, feeling that they have some kind of protection to back them up. For their part, Taser points out that people who otherwise might have shot and killed an attacking animal, will be able to use non-lethal force.

Perhaps we should teach the bears how to use one of these to protect them from meddling humans.

The Taser Wildlife Electronic Control Device is available for about $2000.

Taser, via New Scientist

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