Whoa, so like the Motorola Xoom has a built-in barometer

Accelerometers, gyroscopes and ambient light sensors? Been there, done that. What else does a modern day tablet need? Apparently, a barometer. Motorola's Xoom will be the first computing slate to have one.

So what's the use of a barometer for a tablet? The general idea is for more accurate weather predictions. While developers will have the freedom to take the barometer idea and run with it when creating apps, its purpose seems limited right now. Will a barometer add to the cost of the Xoom — you betcha — nothing's free, but will it be useful? If anything, it could end your hate for weather forecasters and their wrong, wrong weather predictions.

It could just be my lack of imagination (I'm not a developer), but are companies just grabbing up any sensor they can find and tossing it into new gear? We still haven't heard anything new about Nintendo's pulse monitor, the Wii Vitality Sensor.

What ideas would you do with a barometer? An app that tells you it's cold enough to make hot chocolate with marshmallows?

Motorola, via Phandroid

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