Victorinox claims 'world's smallest 256GB SSD' with e-paper tech

CES was crazy! There I was, lugging around an external 250GB 2.5-inch portable hard drive for backups, when I could have had this tiny 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) by Victorinox attached to my keys.

Victorinox is calling its Secure SSD the smallest 256GB SSD in existence. It features read speeds that are three times faster and write speeds that are twice as fast as a blistering fast USB flash drive. Unlike other boxy-shaped SSDs, Victorinox's offering is shaped like a classic Swiss Army pocket knife — a very sharp look, I'll say.

Not only is the SSD so small, but it also has a 96 x 46 monochrome e-paper display. It's useful for displaying document, drive, folder, backup and graphic info. Sometimes you just want to know which file the SSD is transferring to or from your computer and things like that.

We're still waiting for official pricing and availability, but it shouldn't come as a surprise if it's on the high-end side. A brand like Victorinox plus a huge load of storage isn't going to be cheap.

Via Victorinox

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