Verizon sticks it to AT&T with true unlimited data plan for $30

Already heard the one about Verizon getting the iPhone 4 in a couple of weeks? What about Verizon offering an all-you-can-use unlimited data plan that isn't capped at 2GB like AT&T's? The boxing gloves are on, and Verizon is swinging hard at the once exclusive U.S. iPhone carrier.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed this morning that Verizon's iPhone 4 will have a $30 unlimited data plan. The news comes straight from the mouth of Verizon's Chief Operating Officer, Lowell McAdam.

Faithful AT&T iPhone customers will remember prior to June 2010, the carrier had offered a $30 unlimited data plan, which was then axed in favor of a $15 for 250MB and $25 for 2GB monthly plan. The change was a big slap in the face for new iPhone owners. Existing customers who already had the old $30 unlimited data plan had the option of their plans being grand-fathered in.

A true unlimited data plan would be a huge win for those who do a lot of video and music streaming over 3G and download large apps. Even if most people like yours truly never exceed the 2GB of data (I come very close each month — my average is about 1.8GB), the freedom of knowing that you have the unlimited data, should you need it, should give you a little peace of mind each day. Micro-managing your data and being careful not to exceed 2GB is a royal pain in the ass.

Verizon's iPhone 4 offering is a direct slap to AT&T's face — an attempt to sway customers over from the rival carrier — and make it seem as if Verizon's iPhone 4 is better, despite Apple's latest insistence that it's the same iPhone 4, just with a new carrier.

Wall Street Journal, via MacRumors

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