U.S. military's DAGR missile can shoot helicopters with laser-guided precision

The DAGR, short for Direct Attack Guided Rocket is the "smallest and most precise missile in the U.S. arsenal" capable of destroying helicopters with pin-point laser-guided accuracy. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Engineered by Lockheed Martin and measuring at 2.75-inches in diameter, the DAGR is the smallest U.S. military missile ever. Its precision comes from detonating inside of the target instead of detonating at the moment of impact. This ensures that the target is left completely decimated with very little chances of lucky escapes from death.

Thanks to its size, flying vehicles can store more of these 10-pound DAGR missiles than Hellfire II ones. So when are we going to get real-life War Machine suits?

Video of the DAGR can be seen on Gizmodo.

Via Gizmodo

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