Toto's portable washlet lets you take your toilet with you

Here in the States, we don't use washlets. For those who don't know, a washlet is like a toilet with a bidet that sprays water on your rear to wash up. While common in Japan, washlets mystify foreigners. Now, the Japanese have gone and invented a portable washlet and the reactions are definitely interesting, to say the least.

Japan's Fuji TV got wind of Toto's portable washlet and decided to ask natives and foreigners to give it a test. One guy's initial impression was that "it [portable washlet] was so strange" and then when he tried it, the washlet's spray ruffled him up for all but two seconds, before he concluded that the portable washlet felt "pretty good."

If the idea of using a public washlet's spray nozzle is disturbing to you, then head over to Amazon. The retailer is selling the portable washlet for $140. Just don't forget to wash your hands and your butt gadget before leaving the washroom.

Amazon, via Japan Probe

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