This waste treatment plant is also a ski slope, with lasers

If you're going to build a giant waste incinerator, you might as well design it so that people can ski down its sides. Oh, and you should also make it blow smoke rings, and then shoot those smoke rings with lasers.

This crazy building is basically just a giant shell that Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group is planning on wrapping around a new waste incinerator in Copenhagen that'll turn garbage into energy. Instead of an industrial eyesore, the plant will become a year-round ski park, with everything from a bunny slope to a black diamond run. An elevator will take people from the bottom to the top, and the rest of the complex will form a park and recreation area.

Meanwhile, waste will continue to be turned into energy inside the plant, but instead of just belching out clouds of noxious smoke, a special system on the roof will release huge smoke rings whenever the plant generates another ton of CO2. At night, a heat-seeking laser system will paint the smoke rings with light, either making pretty pictures or using the rings to display pie charts showing the quota of CO2.

The project seems to be called Amagerforbrænding, and I can only assume that you pronounce it just like it's spelled. We have a huge and awesome gallery below, which you should absolutely check out if for no other reason than one of the pictures in it features a bunch of utterly incongruous girls in bikinis.

Via Designboom

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