This nuclear power plant is also a submarine

No matter how clean, safe, and efficient nuclear power plants may or may not be, most people probably don't want to live next to one. A French company wants to seal up nuclear reactors inside little submarines and stash them off offshore, where they can provide power without bothering anyone.

The Flexblue nuclear power plant would be stuffed inside a sealed cylinder about 300 feet long, complete with its own engines and ballast system to let it move around. Along with a cute little reactor, the submarine would contain several steam turbine generators, and the system would be capable of producing up to 250 megawatts of electricity. Flexblue would be dropped a couple miles offshore and sink itself in several hundred feet of water, and a cable would transmit power to the nearest city.

The idea behind a submersible and modular system is that it would be cheap to make, cheaper to deploy, and safe. Each Flexblue module doesn't provide a huge amount of power, but you can just evict a few more fish and plunk another one down if you need it. It wouldn't require any direct monitoring, and when it runs low on fuel, you can just hoist it up again and take it back to the factory to be refurbished while dropping a fresh one in its place.

The Flexblue concept is currently in the development phase, and until they figure out a way to keep nefarious criminals from just making off with as many of these things as they can get their hands on, my suggestion is that it stays there.

WNN, via NBF

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