Flexible concrete dress purifies the air as you wear it

This could be the world's first air purifying dress. It's not designed to combat your body odor issues, but it is designed to suck up pollution and keep the air fresh and clean for everybody.

The dress, called 'Herself,' is made from a special kind of pollution-absorbing flexible concrete that's been sprayed onto fabric, so I wouldn't expect it to be the most comfortable piece of clothing, but sometimes you just have to take one for the planet. At least it's pretty.

If 40 people wearing catalytic clothing walk across a meter of pavement over the course of one minute, they'll purify about 2 cubic meters meters of air, which is pretty good for not having to actually do anything. And I imagine that the effect is more pronounced over longer time frames in enclosed spaces, so if you find yourself stuck in an elevator with someone who's smoking, your clothing could just suck all of that smoke right up into itself. Great!

Hm, you know what, on second thought, maybe that wouldn't be so great. From the sound of things, the cleaner the air gets the dirtier your clothes get, which perhaps is not the best compromise to make. Oh well, at least this way, when people tell you that your clothes smell bad, you'll be able to come back with, "maybe so, but I'm saving the Earth."

Catalytic Clothing, via Ecoutierre

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