This could be what your first holographic TV looks like

InnoVision Labs' HoloAd Diamond is a refractive holographic exhibition display with a neat extra feature: it can play video files, making it double as one spiffy 3D holographic TV.

While not exactly a beautiful looking product — it looks kind of like an upside down diamond — the HoloAd is extremely easy to operate. Getting an image into the HoloAd is entirely a plug and play affair. Simply plug in your USB flash with your flat image and the HoloAd will transform it into a 3D holographic one. It's almost like magic. To play a video is the same, but with one caveat — the HoloAd only supports the FLV-codec. InnoVision Labs told us that it was working on other video codecs in future updates.

From what we could gather from our eyes-on, the holographic images and video looked really nifty. Images of a blowfish and a soldier had depth and the colors weren't dim. If the HoloAd's tech made it into a holographic TV of the future, we'd be very impressed, as it looks better than most stereoscopic 3D display's we've encountered.

InnoVision Labs' manager, BearKing, told us that theoretically, the HoloAd can be used as a holographic TV. A large HoloAd that can drive an image of about 12 x 12-inches would run about $10,000 whereas the smaller HoloAds cost about $4,500. It sounds good to us, as we know that this type of technology, should it catch on, will likely drop significantly in price over the next few years, just as 3DTV prices are coming down.

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