The world's lightest 3D glasses shows its anorexic self

Introducing, the world's lightest active shutter 3D glasses, by Samsung. Samsung's 3D glasses shed the weight, but at what cost?

Sammy's record-shattering 3D glasses weigh only .098-ounces. From what we could glean, the 3D glasses can detect when its in use and automatically power on and off. The 3D glasses can also be charged wirelessly — a big "yay" for cable-cutting lovers.

But, like all gadgets that go on a diet, there are always trade-offs. In order to reach that thin profile, Samsung had to shove all of the electronic parts inside the rear-ends of the glasses. Not only that, but the design of the 3D glasses look awfully unfriendly for those who already wear regular glasses. Again, the world's thinnest something claim doesn't mean it's the world's best anything.

Expect a formal announcement and price unveiling to go down at CES.

Via OLED-Display

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