T-Mobile reviving Sidekick with 4G and Android

Snobby teenagers, rejoice! Your beloved Sidekick will soon be revived with 4G data speeds and Android. Good idea or bad?

T-Mobile's CEO, Phillip Humm made the big announcement that the Sidekick phone will see a revival with fast 4G speed and Android. From the tiny little blurry photo released, we can sort of make out a new design aesthetic. Instead of the Sidekick's iconic flippable hinge, it appears the new phone could be a slider.

Often called the precursor to the iPhone, the Sidekick was canned last July. While incessant AIM notifications and MySpace were part of the old phone's greatest assets, we expect to see a switcheroo on feature focus. Namely, instead of MySpace, Facebook will replace it. Of course, that's purely my conjecture, as T-Mobile didn't unveil how stock the Android OS would be.

Is the Sidekick brand still strong enough to go up against the iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S, Droids, HTCs, BlackBerries and Windows Phone 7 smartphones? My opinion? The Sidekick should have stayed buried. It's just not considered cool anymore, especially with so many great smartphones available.

PC Mag, via Gizmodo

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