Get your caffeine fix even faster with the Starbucks payment app

If you're constantly pumped up on caffeine, there probably isn't a fast enough way to get your daily fix of java. But now Starbucks has made paying for your pricey beverages even easier, with an app that lets you leave your wallet in your pocket.

To be honest, when I heard that Starbucks had a new way to pay for coffee with your phone, I assumed you simply ordered a coffee, then handed over your phone as an even trade. It turns out that the Starbucks Mobile Card App actually loads onto your phone, and can display a QR code that your friendly local barista then scans. The app also lets you manage your Starbucks Card account, so you can avoid being left coffeeless.

Unfortunately, Starbucks didn't include a way to order your coffee using the phone, so you'll still need to tell them about your Machito Mokolito Frapachito with half skim and half cream and one Splenda, or whatever it is you get.

The app is available for BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod Touch, so you Android and Windows Phone users will still have to use actual money or credit cards.

Press Release, via Wired Gadget Lab

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