South Korea demoes LTE-Advanced, makes 3G look like dial-up

Hey, speaking of broadband penetration, why don't we take a look at what South Korea, the world leader in Internet tech, is doing? Oh, looks like they're driving around in an RV stuffed to the gills with tech, showing off an LTE-Advanced network that can wirelessly suck in 700MB of data in under 10 seconds. So, just another Wednesday in South Korea.

LTE-Advanced throws down some pretty impressive numbers: downloads top out at 600Mbps, making it 41 times faster than 3G (14.4Mbps downloads) and six times faster than regular ol' LTE (100Mbps down). The demo even showed off streaming a 3D HDTV signal to the moving truck.

LTE-Advanced also has some impressive numbers behind it, as South Korea's state-run Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) pumped 470 researchers and $57 million (64 billion won) to develop the tech in five years. That's not half bad when you consider that the 24 standard patents and 500 patent applications generated by the research could net the company hundreds of millions of green ones in return.

ETRI thinks LTE-Advanced will be ready to deploy in South Korea by 2014. U.S. networks, by comparison, are still working on rolling out fledgling LTE connections.

Telecoms Korea, via Electronista

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