Sony NGP is going to cost more than a 3DS and less than a PS3

Sony's NGP/PSP2 is a technological mash-up of motion sensors, a big screen, touchpads, dual analog sticks — EVERYTHING. The big question on everyone's mind is how much it's going to cost for what is almost a pocket PS3.

While many gamers we spoke with seemed blown away by Sony's NGP, the lack of a price announcement left them a little reserved. The NGP's ability to seemingly do-it-all with sheer power almost ensures it will command a hefty price right?

Not so says Sony's Shuhei Yoshida who stated that the NGP "was not going to be $599." Believe it or not, but at one time — at the the PS3's launch, the console retailed for $600. Glad to know the NGP won't be breaking the bank.

If Yoshida-san's words aren't concrete enough, then how about Sony's Andrew House mentioning that the NGP will "be a bit above the Nintendo 3DS's US price $250."

We've no certainty what this all means, only that it'll cost more than a 3DS and less than the original launch PS3 — so anything between $251 - $598 is game. Somehow, we think asking for anything more than $300 for a handheld console would be too much. The original PSP sold for $249 at launch and people griped about that.

Game Informer, via Techradar

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