Sharp packs 64 TVs into giant video wall, floor, and ceiling

Sharp decided that it would be kinda cool to cover a room at their CES booth with 64 huge LED TVs, including three walls, the ceiling, and the floor. They're all synced up to display one wraparound image, effectively making five-sixths of a holodeck.

This setup, which is an expansion on the video wall technology that Sharp calls i3 Wall, uses 64 60-inch professional HDTVs. The TVs have bezels that are only about a quarter-inch wide, which is thin enough that packing them together into multi-TV displays doesn't look lousy. In fact, it looks really really good. Behind the scenes are 16 different display systems, each independently controlling four TVs, and the video flows together seamlessly to create an immersive environment.

i3 Wall isn't really designed to go in your living room, and the cost for just the panels in this demo would be something on the order of $800,000. That's not including any of the controllers, cabling, mounts, sound system, or your electric bill. On the upside, you probably won't have to pay anything extra to heat your house in the winter, since inside the box in this demo it was probably at least 100 degrees.

Don't miss the video and the gallery below for the full experience.

Via Sharp

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