Self-sustainable super yacht has two hydroponic farms onboard

For a cool $17 million, you can buy your very own zero carbon super yacht with its two hydroponic farms, fishing accommodations and 4,305 square feet of solar panels. I don't care what you say, the Ocean Empire is one self-sustainable ship.

Lauded as the world's first zero carbon life support vessel, the Ocean Empire is a sea-lover's dream home. Aside from the already aforementioned hydroponic farms and solar panels capable of capturing 70 kW of power, this sea vessel has an 861 square foot skysail that can generate 200 kW of power. A Motion Damping Regeneration system prevents the ship from capsizing from harsh waves, while at the same time sucking up to 50 kW of power.

To say the Ocean Empire is a power generator is an understatement. There are so many ways for this ship to do it that we have to wonder if there is a secret space-beaming-Death Star-blasting laser onboard, hidden underneath the farms.

Autoblog Green, via Ubergizmo

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