Samsung's double-sided TV remote boasts a QWERTY keypad

Similar to the Boxee Box remote control, Samsung's RMC-QTD1 has standard TV controls on its front and a QWERTY pad on its flip side. Does Samsung's twofer work?

That I can't tell you. The RMC-QTD1 is a Bluetooth remote made specifically to work with Samsung's Smart TVs. We saw a bunch of really slick Samsung HDTVs at CES and this ugly remote would totally clash with those slick sets. Obviously the QWERTY pad will make inputting text on Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, etc. much easier and is a welcome addition to the remote. I like the double-sided remote idea, but it's the execution in design that's terrible.

Looking at the remotes on my couch, I can tell you right now, whoever designs remote controls needs a crash course in simplicity and elegance. Why are all of these remotes so complicated and ugly to look at? I understand that remotes are most likely engineered to survive being tossed around the house, but can we get some slicker ones please?

Engadget, via Gizmodo

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