Rolls-Royce Apparition concept car proves ghosts hate windshields

Design student Jeremy Westerlund has pulled this Apparition concept car out of somewhere extra special, and it manages to meld the past, present, and future of Rolls-Royce into one ridiculously slick package.

Like any true Rolls, the Apparition (with its awesomely retro open cockpit) isn't designed for you to drive. It's meant for people who have boatloads of money and can afford to hire someone else to drive for them. It may not look like it, but there's actually a 'palatial and private' interior back there where you and your rich friends can chill out while your poor chauffeur tries not to swallow too many ninety mile an hour bugs.

The Apparition does look like it would be awfully fun to drive, though. That is, it would be fun to drive as long as you don't care about seeing anything in front of you. And come on, why should you? Getting run over by this thing would be an absolute privilege and your victims will surely be thankful for the opportunity bestowed upon them by the lack of forward visibility.

Whether you love or hate this design, don't miss the gallery below.

Coroflot, via Autoblog

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