Ring-shaped knife is like a Tron identity disc, only for chopping food

Thousands of years of knife design have resulted in the Chop Round Knife, a donut-shaped knife that challenges traditional design.

Italy-based design firm, Normann Copenhagen, wanted a knife that was round, unconventional, ergonomic and fun. The Chop Round Knife's 5.9-inch diameter blade is the result of that idea. The oddly-shaped chopping knife can be used to slice and dice herbs and vegetables easily with one hand.

Despite looking like a Tron identity disc, we highly recommend you don't swing it like one, should you spring for one.

Next time you want to impress your guests, start chopping up those onions with the Chop Round Knife. Available for $48 in bright pink, blue, gray or black.

A + R Store, via Gizmodiva

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