Razer's Ferox gaming speakers are boom-tastic, fit in your pocket

The guys at Razer must have a shrink ray gun because their goal to miniaturize everything is getting a little out of hand. Take these Ferox gaming speakers they just announced. Guess how small it is. Don't be bashful.

If you guessed 2.75-inches wide by 2.5-inches high, go buy yourself a drink. Razer's Ferox speakers are geared at those who enjoy portable gaming on their smartphones or simply like blasting their audio up high while on the go. Razer says the included battery should be good for up to 12 hours of Boom Boom Pow on one charge.

The Ferox's special driver design will supposedly give the speakers 360-degrees of omni-directional surround sound, powerful bass and decrease music distortion levels thanks to proprietary amplification.

The Ferox speakers sell for $60 and fits in any device that takes standard 3.5mm audio jacks. It even comes with a carrying case, awww, how thoughtful.

Razer, via Technabob

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