PSP2 has shrunken PS3 processor, multitouch OLED screen and 3G?

Sony hasn't even officially announced the PSP2 yet and news outlets are already leaking info on it. Japanese newspaper, the Nikkei Shinbun is reporting that the PSP2 will have three major features when it is slated to be unveiled this week.

The Nikkei Shinbun is reporting that the PSP2 will be powered by a mini Cell processor (same CPU that is in the PS3), have a multitouch OLED screen and have 3G connectivity when tethered to a cellphone on NTT DoCoMo's wireless network.

This is consistent with what we've heard about the PSP2 in the past: namely it being as powerful as a PS3, will sport some kind of multitouch back and have a high resolution screen. An OLED screen would reduce the amount of battery power that such a powerful device would suck up and multitouch is practically a requirement in all portable devices today, giving the report a bit more weight.

If you're a bit dubious on the report, know that in the past, the Nikkei Shinbun has had a relatively good track record in reporting on new video game hardware before official announcements, such as with the DSi XL.

So what's it going to be? Would a PSP2 with all of the above be enough to convince you that a Nintendo 3DS isn't hardcore enough or not? All we can say is that this year is going to be a great year for gamers on the go.

Nikkei, via AkihabaraNews

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