On/Off paint makes your entire wall into a light switch

How much of your life have you wasted futilely groping for light switches in dark rooms? Your nightmare is now over, thanks to a special sort of paint that can turn any surface of any size into one giant electric switch.

Just how exactly this On/Off paint works is still something of a mystery. What we do know that it works on any surface, you can paint it on with a normal paint brush or roller, you can cover it with a different color paint or even wallpaper, and it somehow integrates with an electronic switch that you can set up to control your lights or anything else you want. There's even some way to integrate an extra function into the paint, like dimming.

All you have to do is touch something that's got the On/Off paint applied to it, and it works just like a normal switch, except that the switch can be as big or as small as you want and can be placed anywhere you want. So, you could have your entire wall be a light switch, or you could have a strip of paint running around your wall at shoulder height be a light switch, or you could paint a little light switch-sized square to look just like a light switch and have that be a light switch.

The appeal of the system is definitely in its flexibility, though, so when you stumble in drunk in the middle of the night you only have to bash your head against the wall once to turn the lights on, instead of just randomly running into things until something lights up and I wake up the next morning with a bruised face and a stubbed toe and a bunch of holes in the wall.


Anyway, the On/Off system really does exist in some form, or at least it does in France, and it seems like such an obviously good idea that unless the cost is prohibitively expensive, my guess is that we'll be seeing this turn into a real product in the not too distant future.


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