PC with slidable screen solves touchscreen arm fatigue issue

You know how regular multitouch PCs like HP's Touchsmart series build up fatigue in the arm over extended use? MSI's solved the soreness problem: with a screen that slides down.

Steve Jobs recently lambasted Apple's competitors for shoehorning touchscreens onto regular desktop computers, making it very clear that he believes touchscreens can't work well vertically. Jobs said desktops that incorporate touchscreens can only work via horizontal input methods such as its multitouch trackpads.

MSI's joined the hot mess with a brilliant design — the Butterfly — an all-in-one PC that has a screen that slides downward into an angle that appears to be better suited for the arm. The design reminds us of the keyboard on Dell's Adamo XPS, but obviously instead of a bunch of keys, the computer's multitouch screen is its main form of input.

At the moment, MSI's Butterfly PC is nothing more than a concept that the company plans to show off at CES in the next few days. Its 10-inch screen doesn't exactly blow minds at the moment either. Looked at from a design standpoint, the Butterfly is exactly what we envision multitouch desktops should look like over the next few years — elegant and ergonomic.

Via Designboom

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