Movidius brings glasses-free 3D to cell phone displays

Your cell phone may be the next platform to take advantage of glasses-free 3D displays, and a technology called Movidius is even able to take normal 2D images and video and transform them into 3D.

This demo from Polaroid is showing a sort of technical prototype of a glasses-free 3D display that's sized for something like a cell phone. The 3D display itself is on the left, while the display on the right acts as a controller. As you can see, there's still a fair amount of miniaturization to be done, but Polaroid says that a larger version could be in tablets by the end of this year, and something cell phone sized could follow soon after that. (iPad 3D, anyone?)


Also part of the demo is the Movidius chip, which can somehow take standard 2D pictures and 2D video and convert them into convincing 3D (they won't say how). The chip can even do this on a normal TV, if you're willing to put on some of those glasses with the red and blue lenses. The Polaroid people told me that this solution is designed for people who just plunked down a pile of money on a super nice non-3D HDTV and are now feeling left out of the 3D game, and with the Movidius technology, you can get halfway decent fake 3D without having to buy anything new.

Via Movidius

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