'Meco Press' turns mud into life-sized Lego blocks to build with

You can build some pretty crazy things out of Lego blocks. Starships. Space stations. Terminators. So, why not real houses?

That's what CEO Thierry Perrocheau is doing with his company Meco Concept. In the developing world, coming by building materials can be tough. There's only so much wood, and you can't just cut down a tree to get more advanced materials such as steel, besides. But you know what there's typically a lot of? Mud.

The Meco Press is Perrocheau's portable, brick-belching creation. All you need is a binding material and a lot of good ol' mud, and out comes the kind of stacking brick anyone who has ever popped open a Lego playset will know how to use. Because of its simple needs, Meco Concept thinks that the Press could be used to construct blocks in 80% of the known world.

The one big downside at the moment is that it can take up to 30 minutes for one brick to be formed and shaped. After that, though, the bricks are sturdy enough to create structures up to two stories tall. Being able to procure all the materials on site and for cheap is pretty nifty to boot.

The actual machine is being made to be smaller and smaller and currently looks like this guy:


Meco Concept, via Inhabitat

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