McIntosh wall clock gives your timekeeping more power

McIntosh is a legend of American audio design, and like any legend, you don't want to mess with the iconic style that has graced all of their gear since the 1960s. So when McIntosh decides to make a wall clock for their dealers and fans, it damned well needs to look unmistakeably like a McIntosh.

The result is the MCLK12 wall clock, which really looks like you simply hacked the front off a Mac power amp, and stuck it on the wall. The black glass front panel and large meters are still there, but instead of showing how many watts you're cranking, the left meter shows the hours while the right meter gives you the minutes.

I'm sure McIntosh's loyal fans will love it, although they might choke on their wallets when they learn about the $2000 price tag. Still, I guess we now know how much of the cost of a Mac amp goes into the faceplate.

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