Maybe this iPad joystick will end my hatred of touchscreen gaming

Hello, my name is Kevin and I still prefer to play games with a mouse and keyboard. Yep, on a rig I put together myself. I'm one of those people. Call me a Luddite, but I just can't get into gaming on the iPhone or the iPad. It's not the the games aren't fun — I just hate the way it feel to play them.

Something about all that sliding on glass makes my fingertips unhappy (and you'd think a blogger wouldn't even have nerves alive at the end of his fingers, right?), and as such I can't help but find myself wishing for a controller. Even Epic's latest, Infinity Blade, only asks quick little swipes of me. And still I find myself put off from playing the game because of it.

Now, the Joystick-It by ThinkGeek may not work with a game such as Infinity Blade, but it looks like it does the trick for Geometry Wars and the like, where a joystick controller makes a lot of sense. The joystick is little more than a hunk of aluminum you use with your iPad (the bottom of it has pads, mind, so it doesn't wreck the screen), but for the finger-phobic minority like myself, it could be just what gets me into touchscreen gaming. Or, you know, I'll just grab a full-sized flightstick and fire up that PC.

The Joystick-It comes out toward the end of January for $25 in limited numbers.

See it for yourself in the video below.

Via ThinkGeek

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